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Fuel Filter With Diesel Filters, Gasoline Filters And Natural Gas Filter Three Categories.
- Jul 24, 2017 -

To achieve a higher separation efficiency, one for the oil and water separator, a diesel fine filter. Wearing or even worsening the burning process of diesel. Diesel oil filter system in the way of water removal in the mechanical fuel system is mainly precipitation, to more than three times the discharge era, diesel engines use high pressure common rail fuel system, the use of more water filter paper. Such as Bosch (BOSCH), Manhu (Mann-Hummel), Parker (Parker), domestic brands have Duffy (DIFITE).

Gasoline filter with carburetor and EFI of the points, the use of carburetor gasoline engine, gasoline filter is located in the pump side of the import, the work pressure is small, the general use of nylon shell, EFI engine The gasoline filter is located on the outlet side of the pump and has a high working pressure, usually with a metal housing. Gasoline filter filter using filter paper, but also the use of nylon cloth, polymer materials.