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Servo Clutch Booster Assembly for Higer Bus

servo clutch booster assembly for higer bus
1.used for higer bus
2. long life working time
3.superior in qulaity
4. easy to use and install

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    Basic information for clutch servo

    Part number





    1 pc in a box


    2.5 kg


    1 pc in a box

    The clutch pressing force of some trucks, especially the medium trucks and heavy trucks, is relatively large. In order to reduce the driver's effort to step on the clutch pedals, a clutch booster is often used, which is also called a clutch booster cylinder and a booster pump. In terms of structural principles, the clutch booster cylinder is similar to the gas-liquid booster cylinder used in industrial manufacturing. It is also an integral structure of the gas cylinder and the oil cylinder. The hydraulic oil and the compressed air are isolated, and the compressed air is used to achieve the assisting function.

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