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Windshield Wiper Motor Assembly

Windshield Wiper Motor Assembly

Windshield Wiper Motor Assembly for higer bus
1. Used for higer bus
2. superior in quality
3. good in package
4. easy to use and in stall

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    ZD2732 AMP





    Part no

    37 KA7-28511-AMP


    3.5 kgs

    The wiper of the car is driven by the wiper motor and potentiometer is used to control the motor speed. At the rear end of the wiper motor there is a small gear transmission enclosed in the same housing, which reduces the output speed to the required speed. This device is commonly known as the wiper drive assembly. The output shaft of the assembly is connected to the wiper end mechanical device, and the wiper swings back and forth through the fork drive and the spring return.

    Packages : 1 pc in a box

    More pictures about windscreen wiper motor



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