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Windshield Wiper Blade Arm for Higer Bus

windshield wiper arm wiper blade arm for higer bus
1. used for higer bus
2. will make your bus glass more clear avec wiper blade
3.easy to use and install
4. good in quality

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    60 pcs in a carton




    Made in china

    The wiper is an important attachment installed on the window. Its role is to remove the rain, snow, and dust that obstruct the view of the windshield. Therefore, it plays an important role in driving safety. Wiper can be divided into mechanical type, vacuum type, pneumatic type, hydraulic type and electric type according to its driving mode. Modern electric vehicles generally use electric wipers, which have the advantages of simple structure and convenient control. Electric wiper consists of motor, crank, transmission rod, scraper arm and scraper. When the motor rotates, the crank and the transmission rod are driven to work, so that the scraping arm and the scraper are in the glass.

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