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Car lamps refer to the luminaires on the vehicle. They are the tools for the vehicle to drive at night and are also a reminder tool for sending various vehicle driving signals. The headlights we provide are mainly high-performance original front fog lamps, rear license plate lights, and high-quality LED headlamps.
The front fog lamps are generally bright white, and the light lines of the signs are downwards, generally located on the instrument console in the car. Since the anti-fog lamp has high brightness and strong penetrability, it does not cause diffuse reflection due to fog, so proper use can effectively prevent accidents.
The license plate light is a light for illuminating the license plate that is opened with the width lamp at night or when the sky is dark.
Car LED headlamps, as the eyes of cars, are not only related to the external image of a car owner, but also closely related to safe driving under night driving or bad weather conditions.
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